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My favorite Little Rock home decked with Christmas Lights and more.

I do love Christmas Lights.  I love them so much that I almost hate for the season to end and realize the lights are coming down.  This year I decided to drive a different route each evening coming home from the office … WOW … I have seen some wonderful decorations.  However, my pick of the season is the home above and I simply had to share my choice.  So, if you feel as I do and really appreciate the Christmas Spirit with Christmas Lights … then just drive East of University on Cantrell a few short blocks and look down the streets to your right … you can’t miss it.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas to All.

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Richland Creek … a very special place.

Richland Creek, in my opinion, is one of the most spectacular scenic wilderness areas in Arkansas.  The creek is a place of house sized boulders, towering bluff lines, turquoise waters, cascading waterfalls and a treasure trove of fossils. It’s a place where one can just sit and relax, stroll along the creek, hike in solitude or aggressively trail blaze to hidden wonders like Sandstone Castles (featured in an earlier blog).

These few pictures show a sampling of the natural beauty of Richland.  In addition they celebrate the aborning tradition of a few simple spirits who enjoy nature, good food (like Betsy’s lasagna warmed in a homemade double boiler over hot campfire coals), the season of Christmas, decorating a tree in the forest and most of all, time with good friends.

DSC01282 DSC01284ImageImage


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Third annual backpacking/Christmas Tree decorating in the Ozarks…

Clearly,this is destined to become a tradition.  For the third year in a row, a few outdoor loving, mostly senior, backpacking friends gathered in the Ozark Mountains, loaded … and I mean ‘loaded’ …  our backpacks, hiked into the beautiful Richland Creek Wilderness area, set up tents, cut up firewood and celebrated the spirit of Christmas in a rather unique way by decorating a live Cedar tree.  In fact, this Charlie Brown Tree is the same tree decorated in December of 2010 and 2011 … each year testing the limits of imagination and creativity as well as fulfilling a desire to leave edible treats for animals and birds of the forest.

I suppose, if the truth be known, my personal vision and wish is that in years to come the word will spread and hundreds if not thousands will join our small group to decorate not one but hundreds of trees in Richland Creek Valley.

The finished tree and the Five Santa Helpers:  JC, John, Bryan, Daryl, Jim.



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The Buffalo National River … a special place in Arkansas

In 1972 the Buffalo river became the first National River … so designated by Congress … protecting it as a 150 mile free flowing natural river. Sometimes I forget how special this river is with its 200 – 300 foot multicolored limestone bluffs, its diverse forests, turquoise pools and at times challenging rapids.  Yesterday I and two of my friends backpacked on the Old River trail, camped overlooking the river with a 200 foot backdrop bluff line.  Simply getting out of the car at the trailhead was enough to remind me of how very special this place is … not only in Arkansas but as National Parks go throughout our nation.

One of my friends thought we were camping in the campground, did not bring his backpack so this first picture is of JC looking more like a happy homeless hiker than a fully outfitted backpacker.



buffalo richland bryan n JC 014


In addition to the natural beauty, there is an abundance of historic reminders of early settlements along the river.




And, finally, what would a backpacking trip be without  a little Single Malt … especially a little Single Malt served in the spirit of Christmas in none other than Crystal Stemmed Red Plastic glasses.  These were  Christmas gifts to me and JC from our friend Bryan.  HO, HO, HO.


Now I will finish this entry with a few more photos of the Buffalo National River … Enjoy and visit soon.



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