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I have visited Batesville several times in the past two months … once for a speaking event, once for a Regional meeting and last week for a Parks and Tourism Commission meeting.  This energetic city of just over 10,000 is a real winner.  With a strong economy, an excellent educational system, an active downtown with great restaurants, an amazingly restored Melba Theater and maybe the finest community aquatics center in any Arkansas city … Batesville has got it going on. Mayor Rick Elumbaugh  has led the charge with vision and city resources but he is quick to remind us that this positive momentum would not be happening without motivated citizens.


Interior of the Melba Theater in downtown Batesville.  This was a community effort with volunteers reupholstering the 400 seats … lots of “hands on”.

Following the Commission meeting we went for lunch at Natalie’s.  Wow! some of the best home made sandwiches, salads and personal service. Top left picture in the group above.  


Above and below are pictures of the awesome Jacksonport State Park Visitor Center.  From the outside, the contemporary glass and steel structure represents a riverboat from the past.  Inside is the historic museum and 360 degree views of the river and natural surroundings.  Personally, I think this will be one of the signature State Park Visitor Centers in the state.



While I am wrapping up, I would be remiss if I did not remind you that Arkansas has 52 state parks.  If you are up for a rewarding road exercise … that’s just one state park a week to see all of them in a single year.  Happy Trails!

For more information, go to:  Arkansas.com

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