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People all along the eclipse path came together with creative ideas to celebrate this spectacular natural  event.  Above was in Dover, Tennessee


Two days before the eclipse, I took this practice shot of the sun to get my camera settings.

We drove from Jonesboro, Arkansas the morning of the eclipse … our destination was to be on the center line of the total eclipse path.  As we drove, we stopped several times to get pictures at various stages of partial eclipse.

And then, with about seven minutes to go before the total eclipse, we pulled into the parking area of a convenience store just outside Clarksville,Tn and joined other “Eclipse Tailgating” families.  What we saw next, as pictured below, was possibly the most beautiful and awesome natural event I have ever seen.   Drum roll please ….. Total Eclipse 2017 



To make the trip even more memorable and special, Eclipse Day 2017 was also our 52nd Wedding Anniversary … truly …    “A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART.


Following the eclipse, the sky, the light, the clouds also took the time to show off a little beauty as well.

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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Arkansas Fashion School …

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Arkansas Fashion School.  What a wonderful evening to congratulate graduating emerging designers and also recognize 40 years of business leadership and community service by Jamileh Kamran.

Along the Historic 40 year museum-like display I saw photos, news articles, designer dresses (even one worn by Hillary Clinton) reminding me of the determined, passionate spirit of this wonderful lady.  On a personal level, there was  a 1999 Proclamation I signed while I was Mayor declaring a certain day as JAMILEH KAMRAN DAY in the City of Little Rock.

As mentioned in the proclamation, Jamileh has dedicated her life giving back to her community, to her family and to her adopted Country.  She has given to numerous non-profits such as AIDS foundation, Cancer Society and now to the Arkansas Fashion School helping young emerging designers follow their dreams.

As I write this today, I declare … JAMILEH KAMRAN, YOU ARE MY HERO!!

PS: It was great to be with Harry Thomason and Craig O’Neill.  Craig is another person who never tires of giving back and serving others.

One other mention … the tie I’m wearing was designed and made by Jamileh.

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