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A Perfect Mountain Wedding …

Summer vacations in Colorado are perfect enough … I will get back to that shortly. However this year our time in the mountains was even more of a Rocky Mountain High event …  our youngest got married in one of the most beautiful settings in America … high on a mountain vista overlooking Lake Dillon and the still slightly snow peaked Ten Mile Range near Breckenridge.

ImageEileen and Jeff

 ImageProud parents and a very happy coupleImageThe entire wedding party … mothers,fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, friends.

Jeff and Eileen will be living in Little Rock where Jeff will continue his documentary film business and Eileen will continue her work with a DC Corporation.Image

ImageSon in Law John performed the ceremony … Eileen and Jeff sign the license.

Relaxing … Hiking … Fishing and Camping and Lots of photos …

Clearly the wedding was the highlight of the trip but, not all.  We had plenty of time for other activities and the following pictures will speak for themselves.  Suffice to say it was beautiful, fun, relaxing and one of the best vacations ever.

ImagePatti and I spent the first couple of nights in Taos, NM … this is one of our favorite Catholic Churches … besides that, Taos is one of our favorite Southwest Art Cities.


In spite of the limited success fishing, John (shown above) and I managed to scare a bunch of trout in the Ten Mile Creek, Lake Dillon, the Blue River and Clinton Reservoir.  One does not need to catch fish in this incredible environment.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageOkay … now for a few shots to show just how zany I can be … first a dead tall stump, next a bike sign and then telephone poles.  Why did these catch my eye on the same morning hike … maybe it was because they were different, maybe it was because of the early morning light and maybe because of the deep blue sky.  Regardless… not everyone takes shots like these … Enjoy.


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