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I just watched this TV special celebrating 50 Charlie Brown Christmases.  I must admit, I love it.  Clearly I’m not alone … however, I do claim a special relationship with Charlie and Snoopy and the Gang.  Why, because “my gang” just celebrated the sixth  annual Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Decorating Backpacking trip way out in the wilderness of Arkansas’ beautiful Ozark Mountains.    Plus, I have my own Charlie Brown Christmas tree … and to prove it the attached photo shows my tree in front of the real Charlie Brown tree as seen on the ABC special.

How could it get any better?  See for yourself!


As a reminder below are a couple of pictures of previous Charlie Brown in the Ozarks Christmas Trees.

DSC00156The Gang … with “The Tree”

IMG_7492The First tree with the founding characters … Jim, JC, Bryan

IMG_7534Year two … maybe year three!

DSC01284The beauty of Richland Creek … even Santa loves it!!

DSC08935As I said … I love Charlie Brown.  I also love Christmas and especially Christmas Lights.  In fact I’m already getting nervous because today is December 26 and folks will begin taking down the Christmas Lights.

Oh well, the positive spin is this … we have once again celebrated the Spirit of Christmas, the spirit of this Holy Season and the spirit of love and giving and sharing.  Let’s let the Spirit continue now and until next year.

One closing celebration I want to mention … Patti and I, along with Charlie Brown, are celebrating our 50th Christmas Together.

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IMG_5245The Backpack …

Yes, it really is a backpacking and camping event with tents and campfires and complete lack of  convenience facilities … just God’s wonderful wilderness …and a crazy idea to hike into the wilderness, set up camp and decorate a living Christmas Tree… for the sixth year in a row.

IMG_5434The Campsite …

It was a crystal clear weekend with a Saturday morning low of 17 degrees. However, it warmed into the 50’s … perfect weather for hiking.

IMG_5494The Bow on our original Charlie Brown Tree …

Our routine is the same … decorate a tree with food items for the birds and animals: suet, popcorn, peanut buttered pinecones, candy canes, pretzels … you get the idea.  Then we put on decorations that will be removed when we pack out on Sunday: garland, glow lights, bows, ornaments, etc.  And, just for passing hikers, we usually leave one ornament such as the bow from six years ago.


2015 Charlie Brown Santas …

We’ve had as many as eleven in the past … this year six … DJ,  Jim, John, and back row, Daryl, Bryan and JC.

IMG_5326The Charlie Brown Tree …

This is the third year for this tree, a beautiful cedar that has grown at least a foot and a half.

IMG_5265The Natural flowing Falling Water Falls …

This creek flows into Richland Creek, one of the most natural and colorful streams in the State of Arkansas. Of course, I had to have my picture in Charlie Brown Christmas attire standing by this special place in the Ozarks.

IMG_5454The massive boulders and clear turquoise of Richland Creek …

IMG_5365Charlie Brown Tree at night …

IMG_5523A tree, A campfire, glow lights … what a weekend.

Hopefully, this tradition can be continued for many years to come and hopefully others will copy the idea, come join us or simply get outside to enjoy the wonders of our universe.

I wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas …

Jim/Charlie Brown.

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