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Pictorial Update …


The steps of Bisbee, Arizona Image

Montezuma’s CastleImage

Red Rocks of Sedona


Horseshoe Canyon … Page, ArizonaImage

Antelope Canyon … Page, Arizona



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Everett Reuss … The connection

Everett was a young man, adventurer, painter, poet in his twenties who set off on his own to explore the Southwest.  He disappeared in the 1930’s and his story, personal letters, poetic writings and block paintings have captivated the imagination of countless adventurers for decades.

In the spirit of Everett Reuss, the author of Last Pair of Boots is on a solo road trip thru the Southwest … visiting historic old towns, enjoying spontaneous scenic hikes, photographing (and in a few select cases) capturing in watercolor his own personal interpretation of the unique landscape.

Bucket List entrada … Entry into the journey …

To make this kind of solo trip has for some time been on my list of things to do  … Clearly I’m not getting any younger … So I’m on the road and here is a recap of the first few days.

A historic mining town, now arts community like Eureka Springs

Bisbee, Arizona … A historic mining town, now arts community like Eureka Springs

I'm afraid I would not recommend going very far out of your way but I'm glad I did it anyway.

Had to pull a 45 in Old Tombstone

From Bisbee and Tombstone, I headed north to Saguaro National Park, home of the most stately giant cactus  of the Southwest. Here, on a ninety plus degree day I enjoyed a most spectacular hike thru a forest of these magnificent creations.


For the next couple of days I am attending the National Trails Symposium in Scottsdale … From here ???? To be continued.

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Pope John Paul ll and Mayor JimImage

We have a new Pope … Pope Francis

I’ve been a Catholic since birth and have always been fascinated, not only with the Papacy itself, but also with the ancient traditional selection process.  Having lived thru several Popes I must admit, never have I been more captivated with the selection of a new Pope.  From all indication, the world of Catholics and other denominations too, there is an optimism this humble man from the Americas will teach by example, embrace diverse cultures, reach out to other religions and bring people together thru spirituality and love.  I am already hearing from friends of other religions: “I really like this man.”

Back to John Paul and the picture above

It was August 1993 … I was in my first term as Mayor … Bill Clinton was in his first term as President.  A call came from the White House inviting me to join President Clinton in greeting Pope John Paul upon his arrival in Denver.  During the next eight years I would have many opportunities to greet  Air Force One but this was my first and only time to greet  Shepherd 1. 

The day was drizzly wet, a small invited crowd had gathered, President Clinton was on the tarmac and suddenly, like a blinding flash of light, the enormity of this moment hit me. It was so surreal, were it not for this photo my son Jeff managed to find while working in the White House, I might still question if it actually happened.

In the background, President Clinton is visible, and in my hand is a small Little Rock flag which I presented to the Pontiff.  As he blessed me and those around me and then moved on, I was filled with a sense of peace and gratitude I shall never forget.  Mayors and Presidents and even Popes … move on … their lasting legacies are found in the succession and/or selection of those who …  carry on.  

May our prayers be with Jorge Mario Bergoglio … Pope Francis.

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