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Yes I did. The year was 1996 and I lost the Party nomination. End of story.

If the story ends, why bring it up today when I haven’t thought about it in years. Well, today, my wife and I were putting away Christmas Decorations and I found a stack of these stickers and felt an inner compulsion to memoralize a small vignette of my political history.

My failed attempt to be Arkansas Lieutenant Governor

Here is how it all came about:

I had been in and out of politics during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. In my mind, I thought I might like to run for Governor sometime. Serving as Mayor of the largest city in Arkansas, garnered considerable statewide media exposure, i.e., name recognition … I was ready if given the opportunity. Governor Tucker stepped down and Lt. Governor, Huckabee stepped in leaving a vacancy in the Lt. Governor’s office.

I’ll make this short by saying I filed for the position, proceeded to campaign statewide and lost in a caucus to a very capable State Senator from Saline County, Charlie Cole Chaffin. She then lost to Win Rockefeller in the General Election. So much for my pathway to the Governor’s office.

That’s the story in brief. “Brief” is a good word because this was a compressed campaign and I dare say most people, including my closest friends … maybe even my campaign Chairperson, Nancy Rousseau … don’t even remember that I was once a candidate for the second highest office in the state, Lieutenant Governor.

PS: I may have been the happiest loser ever I got to return to the greatest honor I could ever hold … Serving 14 years as Mayor of Little Rock, my lifetime home town. Thank you Little Rock. JD

Actually, I must say … the greatest honor really, is being married to Patti for fifty plus years.

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