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Teamwork and a public servant


This note to the Ouray, Colorado City Manager tells a local hero story.

Mr Manager ,

This is a short note to recognize and thank Office Crandall for going above and beyond to help a visitor to Ouray.
My wife and I spent two nights at the wonderful China Clipper B&B this past week. A young couple, Bryan and Becky, were there as well. Unfortunately their SUV was the victim of apparent vandalism in the form of a slashed tire. When I came out to the parking area, officer Crandall was assisting. At the height of frustration when the vehicle’s small jack would not fit under the frame, when calls to garages had failed, when the creative energy of a gathering group came up short and when tears were streaming from Becky as she began seeing her first weekend of climbing with her husband after hip surgery drift away, Officer Crandall left and returned with a rolling jack capable of lifting the vehicle.

As the former Mayor of Little Rock for fourteen years I have witnesses many examples of public service. I just wanted you to know Officer Justin Crandall demonstrated one of the finest examples I’ve seen of a true “Public Servant”.

We love Ouray … Now we have even more reason to give high praise to your City.

Jim and Patti Dailey
Ps: I will appreciate your sharing this with Justin and his Chief.

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SoMa … Little Rock’s Southside..

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We were just going to Saturday Afternoon Mass …

What started out as a Saturday afternoon heading to Mass, turned out to be a serendipitous adventure in Downtown Little Rock.

Going to Mass at the historic Greek Revival Saint Edward’s Catholic Church is a treat by itself … the Architecture, the altar carved by German craftsmen, the leaded glass, the choir, the ritual and the fact that for over 100 years it has continuously operated in the original settlement of Little Rock. Our already pleasant downtown adventure did not end with a church service.

After Mass we drove the few blocks to the River Market District, found a parking spot, walked around for a bit on an unseasonable cool July evening and had dinner at Dizzy’s … another treat in itself.  Owner, Darla, has managed to create her own eclectic flavor of art, atmosphere, food and hospitality.

A great dinner behind us we were about to head West when Patti suggested we drive by the Bernice Garden on South Main  …  this time, a treat far beyond our expectations.  There was music, street vendors and more activity than I have seen on Main Street in the past 50 years.  These pictures with my Iphone (I was wishing I had my Canon camera) provide a sample of the full of life and commerce in this SoMa neighborhood.

With the River Market District, Argenta in NLR, Heights/Hillcrest and now SoMa, the heart  of our Capitol City is beating like a teenager once again !!!

It truly makes me proud to be a citizen of Little Rock  …

check out: thebernicegarden.org and southonmain.com  …. also …   somalittlerock.blogspot.com



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