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It’s Hot … Let’s Head For The Mountains!

And that’s precisely what we did … within 12 hours from the time we said it’s hot, we were packed and on the road to Santa Fe, New Mexico and Creede, Colorado.

First stop … a night in Amarillo and a dinner at our favorite Italian Restaurant, Napoli’s, located in the heart of downtown Amarillo.


Next stop … The Cadillac Graveyard.  I’ve wanted to stop for several years and finally this time we pulled off Interstate 40 West of Amarillo and walked the short distance out into the middle of an active farm to witness up close this unique example of American Creativity.  Not only is the sculpture of ten partially buried automobiles fascinating, it is a living art exhibit with countless travelers trekking … spray cans in hand … to add their own artistic graffiti to this already colorful display.




On to Santa Fe, New Mexico … the oldest and highest elevation Capitol City in the nation.  With its art, architecture, food, culture and history, this city beckons one to return time after time.




San Miguel Church … ca. 1610 the oldest church structure in the USA.






Then a short drive to Alamosa … Home of the Manhattan Project. 

Today a traditional city with shops, neighborhoods, churches and schools … but in the early 1940’s, the secret city created for the purpose of research and the development of the first Atomic Bomb. Below pictured are replicas of the two bombs dropped on Japan.  Little Boy and Fat Man. Let this moment in history forever remind us of the horrific devastation and loss of lives our world has once experienced. Let that not happen again.



It was cooler in Santa Fe but we knew Creede would be even cooler.

We set out for Creede with no plans and no place to stay.  With the friendly assistance of Bart at the Creede Chamber, we found one night available at a neat B&B in downtown Creede and the second night at the wonderful Antler’s Resort on the banks of the Rio Grande River. Twenty years ago we happened on Antlers and were fortunate to find it for a second time.  Frankly, it was just like coming home … we stayed in the nicely upgraded old style motel rooms with a porch literally 15 feet from the river.  The porch swings, the spring loaded screen doors (brought back childhood memories of mom yelling “don’t let the door slam and don’t let the flies in”).   Everything is great about this place … Leigh who greeted us and even got up the next morning to say goodbye, Patti one of the owners, Stephan the Chef from Switzerland who wanted to show the couple from Arkansas his picture when he served President Clinton, Mahry and thats the way she spells it – a perky young lady who served us dinner on the deck and told us she performs in the Repertoire theater, Zane who served us breakfast.  On and on … the suspension bridge over the river, now cabins and a RV park.  What a fantastic place … we will return. Leigh you were awesome!!!











The above is included for all my short dog loving friends … come with us next time.  We will definitely return. Amen!



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Nice way to be greeted at Comfort Suites Amarillo 


When Patti and I travel West by automobile, we often stop in Amarillo.  It’s a great place for overnight plus dinner at our favorite Italian Restaurant, Napoli’s, in downtown.

We also enjoy the convenience, quality and friendliness of Comfort Suites on Soncy Road at Interstate 40.  Friendliness, yes … of particular note, Teandra, pictured above with me. What a beautiful smiling face … what a wonderful engaging personality, what a perfect representative for Choice Brand Hotels.  Even more amazing is her personal story …  a story that would have many mothers bitter, resentful, unable to function or even show up for work.  Like too many tragedies in our world today, less than a year ago Teandra lost her son to a bullet. in spite of her painful loss, she continues to glow with warmth and love.

For her courage, attitude and loving way she serves others each day, I declare TEANDRA … MY EVERYDAY HERO … a true inspiration and example for all.

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