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Overdue Update and overdue hero recognition …

Some months ago, I wrote about 106 year old Marguerite Alford returning to her birth home on Twelfth Street in Little Rock.  In that blog I recognized a young couple as local heroes because with their own hands they had restored this historic home in a struggling inner-city neighborhood.  They were truly “making a difference.”

In this blog entry I have two objectives: Post a photo of Marguerite in front of her birth home and acknowledge another local hero of mine.


First objective is fairly simple … post the photo  …  Done.

The second objective, naming my hero, is much more personal and very much overdue.  To make my point, Marguerite will be a central character.

Until just a few years ago, Marguerite was completely self sufficient, drove her own car and lived alone in an apartment on Kavanaugh.  Two events changed all that.  First a fire she accidentally started in her apartment and next being pulled over by a policeman for stealing a car. (I promise I’m not making this up).   She had backed into a VW at the grocery store, it became attached to her rear bumper and she was dragging it behind her own vehicle.  As much as she loved her independence it was time for a change and she is now in a wonderful assisted living home.

This is where my hero, Patti Dailey comes in.   Just like she did when our daughter gave birth to quads and she took the 5AM shift, just like she did when a friend broke her leg and she became taxi and meal provider, just like she did to become another daughter to my mom when my dad died, just like she has done and continues to do day in day out bringing smiles to me into the lives of others,  once again she unselfishly stepped up … this time to become the local family caregiver for Aunt Marguerite. Anyone who has filled this role knows the demands are emotional and physically tiring.  I know this is true but I also know the gift of care is given out of endless love and is a blessing and example for all to behold.

Patti Murphy Dailey You Are My Hero.


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