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Today I was cleaning out several … I’ll call them “clutter drawers” rather than “junk drawers”. and found this old post card from 1953. The photo of Fontana di Trevi from sixty eight years ago might have been enough to capture my attention but it was the reverse side that sent me back to my 5th Grade class room at Our Lady of Holy Souls Catholic Grade School in Little Rock, Arkansas.

This hand addressed card, postmarked Vatican City, I assume, was sent to each student at Holy Souls. Wow! Just think about that … the Pastor of Holy Souls Church, who was, by the way, also our Religion Class Teacher took the time while in Rome to write a post card to each and every student at the school. I’m sure I didn’t appreciate this thoughtful gift nearly as much then as I do today. Thank you mom for saving this bit of childhood history.

Monsignor Francis A Allen 1907-1987

I guess I should’nt find it strange that he would send each of us a card from the Vatican. He loved the students and we loved him. He was a pretty darn good photographer and once a year took individual slide photos of each student in all grade levels. These were kept and at graduation a slide show was presented and the packets of slides were given to respective families. Patti and I still treasure our old photos taken by Monsignor. I even considered putting a couple in this blog. Maybe anther time!

One other memory as a wrap up … each month Monsignor came to the classrooms and handed out Report Cards … had to make that bold. He would rest each card on his somewhat round stomach, study it, offer encouragement always and a warm nudge for improvement as needed. He was tough but fair and motivational. Most of all, Monsignor Allen was a good man who loved his faith, his educational ministry and left a long positive legacy of character driven students and families. Thanks for the memories and for the post card. JD

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