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Centuries of Inscriptions Protected by National Monument Designation

This is without a doubt one of the most fascinating, interesting and beautiful places I have visited.
Beautiful because of the towering sheer rock sandstone promontory with an ever present water pool at its base. Interesting because of the blending of centuries of travelers who have left their inscriptions carved on the walls of the flat rock surfaces. Fascinating because one can see the remains of a mesa top pueblo that once housed roughly 1500 people in 875 rooms … circa 1275 – 1350.

As beautiful as the hike was, I was most captivated by picturing in my mind the residents and travelers who came to this spot for refreshing water and needed rest. I could hardly look at the inscriptions or the pueblo without wondering what life was like then and what they hoped they might share with us hundreds of years in the future.











Just a couple of closing comments:

First, I am so thankful for the Antiquities Act which gives Presidents the power by executive authority to create National Monuments like El Morro

Second, I failed to mention that the steps seen in one of the pictures at the top of El Morro were hand carved as part of a work program during the depression. Another piece of our history … maybe for another blog.

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Thirty Four years of Friendship …

As you may recall, I’ve covered in previous blog posts the annual guys ski trip started some thirty four years ago. This year we decided to go for warmer climate … golf and hiking rather than skiing, shorts rather than ski pants and martini time around a pool rather than apres ski slope side. So … Scottsdale, Arizona it was!!!

As in the past, we rented a beautiful home with lots of bedrooms and wonderful amenities. Six of our group took the non stop flight from Little Rock to Phoenix while I and my adventurous friend, JC, drove the distance allowing for maximum flexibility and side trips. In addition we had scheduled a hike and two nights in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

I have broken this trip down into several group events:
– The Group
– The Golf Group
– The Martini poolside group …
– The Teddy Bear Cholla Hiking Group
– The Tour Group
– The Havasupai Falls Hiking Group

Let’s get started …

The Group: Had to post a few Oldie but Goodies of the Group

stanley ski 30 years  ... 09 074


The Group much younger



The Golf Group … TPC Scottsdale …

A beautiful course on a beautiful day.

A beautiful course on a beautiful day.



The Martini Poolside Group … and Fireside Chats too …






Fireside Chats

Teddy Bear Cholla Hiking Group …

Trekking poles not Ski poles


The Tour Group … Some went to Sedona, some to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West …



Havasupai Falls Hiking Group:

This Native American Village has existed continuously in the bottom of the Grand Canyon for 800 years. About the only way in or out is an 8 mile hike each way, a helicopter or pack animal.
JC and I went to see the Iconic turquoise water falls. Pictures only barely show the natural beauty. It was a cultural experience as well … spending two nights in this isolated village of 650 Native Americans. I have attempted below to show a bit of the Canyon beauty, the stunning falls and the purity of the Village:

A long Way down from Hilltop

Local Trucking

Entering Supai

The Cafe

The Church

JC and Jim ... top of Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls

Havasui Falls

Lime reflects the Turquoise

Little Navajo Falls

Navajo Falls

We covered around four thousand miles on this trip and it was well worth it. First because of the time I had with my friend of more than forty years, second because of the time with my Ski Group … friends that have taken a trip together for nearly 35 years and still have a standing lunch appointment together ever Friday in Little Rock. JC reminded me of a quote that is so true: “You can’t make Old Friends”.

Finally we did some detours to places I may cover on another blog (this one is long enough … fortunately mostly pictures). We saw El Morrow with petroglyphs and messages in stone from travelers of the past four hundred years and we saw Montezuma’s well with its unique water pool and cliff houses.

More to come in future entries … thank you for tuning in to Mayor Jim’s Last Pair of Boots.

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