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As we prepare for our 36th annual trip together, it’s only fitting to spend a moment in nostalgic reflection recalling this powerful example of true lasting friendship.
This reblog of a 2012 post still says it best of all!

Jim Dailey

Stanley Ski Team …. SST

Here is the note I sent to my ski buddies after the 2012 ski trip.  We have been going on a trip each year for over 30 years. Stanley is the last name of the original founding father of SST.

 Once again, it was a special treat to be with the best friends in the world.  In a very small way, I miss skiing with the group but in a very big way I enjoy our time together and will do all I can to attend for as long as the Good Lord allows.  I certainly don’t wish to be maudlin, but John made a prophetic and profound statement when he said “we will probably not be doing this ten years from now”.

 The evening discussions, especially the evening discussing family histories was a highlight for me … as different as we may be…

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Visits to Mount Magazine, Woolly Hollow, Lake Ouachita and Old Washington

There are a few of our state parks I have not visited, but as an Arkansas State Parks and Tourism Commissioner, I’m attempting to remedy that.  Just in the last 10 days I have visited the above parks with some of our staff, including the new Director, Kane Webb and new Director of Parks, Grady Spann.

A few highlights along with a picture or two for each of these four parks.

Mount Magazine State Park … highest elevation in Arkansas.

This beautiful state park has wonderful cabins, a magnificent … I should say …  Grand Lodge, miles of hiking trails, beautiful vistas and a cool retreat when it is hot and humid in the lower elevations of Arkansas.



Woolly Hollow State Park

This park is a serendipitous surprise … with a lake, swimming and fishing, camping plus miles of hiking and off road mountain bike trails.



Lake Ouachita State Park

This park has one of the most inviting settings on the crystal clear Lake Ouachita surrounded by National Forest. With hiking, camping, major boating, fishing, kayaking and canoeing, there is plenty to do.  My buddy and I did what the State Parks calls “First Day Hike” on January 1, 2016.  We did the hike and then were treated to a tour by the Asst Superintendent and lead Interpreter. At this park, they are trying some new models of Restrooms and Camper Cabins … Bravo!!



Historic Old Washington State Park

This is just like stepping back into Arkansas History.  In fact this Park/Community was the Arkansas Civil War Capital.  Today it is a well maintained premier historic village staging interpretive tours with character and clothing of the mid 1800s.

Several staff and commissioners were “persuaded” to provide entertainment for everyone else by re-enacting an 1800s jury murder trial. Kane and I shared the Prosecutor role. My wife was a trooper and served as a witness for the prosecution..IMG_3485.jpgIMG_3488.JPGIMG_3494.jpgIMG_3514.JPG

For more detailed info one Arkansas Parks go to:


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