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Ozark Cafe in Jasper, Arkansas

In my most recent post, I failed to mention one of the essential components of a successful campout on the Buffalo River. This iconic 100 year old cafe on the square in Jasper, Arkansas is a “must experience if you are in this area of the Natural State. Sometimes we stop for lunch before heading to the river … sometimes we have breakfast on our way home from camping … sometimes we do both.

Daryl and Jim enjoying coffee before lunch at Ozark Cafe ….. a must stop for sure!!

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For the past 10 or more years a group of us has blocked our calendars for a Super Bowl weekend camping trip. We hit the trail on Friday and head home Sunday morning for the big game. That’s just what we did … unfortunately, for my Chiefs friends, the best part of the weekend was the campout.

Yes … I am a huge Tom Brady fan!!

As in the past few years, we returned to Arkansas’ Buffalo River … the first federally declared National River. Friday, our first day, was a crisp beautiful picture perfect day to set up tents, build a camp fire and enjoy the beauty of the calico bluffs along the 135 miles of this free flowing undammed natural treasure. The following pictures represent DAY ONE.

Saturday morning breakfast of eggs, bacon and dutch oven biscuits

Now Day Two … with weather prediction of 20’s or below plus rain with wind it took all of about 10 seconds to accept the offer from a local friend to spend Saturday night at his mountain retreat. WISE DECISION !!

These next photos spell it out in pictures …. cold, beautiful wet snow. A Winter Wonderland for certain. Amazing how much more enjoyable from inside rather than outside in a tent.

Our new CAMPSITE on top of Mt. Sherman
Our host and his Martin Guitar … thank you Don.

In the past, I have written about traditions and their importance to the fabric of our lives. The sharing of adventures with friends, the camaraderie created telling stories and tall tales around the campfire become the memories that bind us for a lifetime. Be it family traditions, friendship traditions or a SUPER BOWL CAMPOUT TRADITION our lives are enhanced.

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