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So … what’s a Hamfest?  It’s not a pork sandwich festival or an event to celebrate the best/worst of being funny (a la …  being a “ham”).  Whatever it is …  it’s gotta be something special to celebrate  50 consecutive years on top of the second highest mountain in Arkansas … Rich Mountain, in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains at Queen Wilhelmina State Park.

Okay … so what is it?  Simply put, Hamfest is a gathering of amateur Ham Radio operators.



The black and white photo above is of the founding Hamfest  attendees taken in 1969 … fifty years ago.  And once again, hundreds of vendors, radio operators and curiosity seekers came together these first few days of September to learn, have fun and communicate with Ham radio folks from all over the world.  I was pleased to attend for the second time … this time as Arkansas Tourism Director.  My real fascination is watching and listening to an operator skillfully using Morse Code.  Wow …  this is so amazing that one person can click away with dots and dashes at 25 to thirty words a minute and actually communicate with another person hundreds or thousands of miles away.   AMAZING!IMG_9511.JPG

If the main event is not enough, there are plenty of other options.  One can stay in the beautiful lodge, or camp.  One can eat at a campsite or in the wonderful lodge restaurant. One can hike or relax and for sure enjoy the awesome 360 degree views.  Put this on your bucket list … it is a must visit.  This is truly one of my favorite spots in Arkansas … and did I mention … there’s always a breeze and cooler temperature.

Finally, I cannot say enough about our Park’s Staff at Queen Wilhelmina State Park … they are without a doubt …THE BEST!  

Below … Janelle, Jackie, Brent and yours truly. My personal thanks to each of you and your entire dedicated team.


Queen Wilhelmina State Park  at: Arkansas.com



Finally, thanks to you … our Hamfest guests.  Not only do you bring uniqueness, you bring tradition, friendship and your warm smiling faces.  … see you next year.

Jim Dailey … Arkansas Tourism


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