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The Big Yellow Building Downtown Little Rock … circa 1965

Dailey’s Office Furniture and Office Supplies was “The” Office Products and Office Design Company in Arkansas for many decades during the last half of the nineteen hundreds. Founder, owner and CEO … my dad, Dalton Dailey, was always hardworking, imaginative and never afraid to be a little edgy to be at the forefront of trends as he successfully built a business which brought people from all over Arkansas into the Capitol City.

old computer pics 991.jpg

Yes … it really was painted Centerline Yellow

The artist drawing above was often used to capitalize on the easy to identify 55,000 square foot retail business located at Third and Rock Streets. Just in case you think I’m teasing, take a look at the picture below.  There was a small building built next door after Dailey’s Office Center was painted yellow.  That building was just removed to make room for a hotel on the cleared site.  Wow, what memories, what history and what changes in the neighborhood.  Sure wish my dad could see it today.


FYI … the Dailey’s building is still in the family.  With some partners, it now houses loft Apartments.

More on the Dailey Family story in future posts.


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Food Trucks are an every day part of our Little Rock Commerce …

A walk thru the Simmons Tower ground level garage on Wednesdays will truly get your salivary glands a watering.  Even if one doesn’t stop to sample the product of these savory aromas, it is impossible to pass by Kyle Pounder’s food truck without a hello and a big smile.  That’s because this friendly entrepreneur will always greet folks with a big smile and a warm hello.


The power of a smile …

With or without his delicious food, my Wednesdays are a whole lot better because of this man’s smile.  Our world could certainly be a better place if each of us did a couple of simple things like picking up a piece of trash on the sidewalk and smiling at a passerby.

And … I’m sure Kyle wouldn’t mind if you stopped by for a smile and maybe even a sandwich.

Kyle Pounders you are one of my Little Rock Heroes !!




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