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Black and white photography captivates me.  I am not that accomplished but thoroughly enjoy creative moments when black and white seems to fit the objective.

In particular the photo of Horseshoe Canyon on the Colorado River or falling snow in a wooded forest or an Historic Train engine. The shot of my granddaughter on a cold winter campout is a favorite as well.

I have mostly taken color shots during some 50 plus years.  However, expect to see more of my black and white in the future.

Enjoy and comment if you wish.  Oh, one other point … you can click on the small pictures and they should zoom in for a larger/closer view.

Finally, there is one picture I did not take … the old picture of me when I was a young president of the National Office Products Association way back in the 1980’s.


Aspen trees B&W



The photo above is obviously not black and white.  However, this photo on the Buffalo National River near Jasper, Arkansas is one of my all time favorites.  In fact the colorless winter scene is only slightly enhanced by the curtain of always green bamboo along the river’s edge.  This will soon be a large photo blowup hanging on my office wall in the Arkansas Tourism Office.

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Patti and I are blessed to have had such wonderful fathers.  Though both are gone, we take a moment on this special day to remember and be grateful.  Both men were loving, hard working Christian role models … as community leaders and as family leaders.  Our world is better because of them.   

Happy Fathers’s Day to Dalton and to Joe.  

With much love and thanks,

Patti and Jim




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