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Loyola University, New Orleans, La.

I won’t even admit the number of years since I spent my Freshman and Sophomore years in New Orleans at Loyola University. I will admit to a flood of memories as Patti and I walked the campus a couple of weeks ago. The short story is this. I enrolled at Loyola with plans to study Dentistry only to change my mind one day before classes were to begin. My parents were pretty understanding, I switched to Business and, in my third year, transferred to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville where I successfully graduated with a BSBA in Business and Marketing. Irony of Ironies … our son, DJ, is now a very successful Dentist in Little Rock.

I loved my time at Loyola and in New Orleans … Saint Charles Trolley, Audubon Park, Garden District, even Bourbon Street. I made great friends, especially one named “Ducky”. What a friend! He even dated my girlfriend after I left Louisiana for Arkansas. Yes, what a friend! Thanks Ducky!

Then there were the Jesuits. I was fortunate to have several as teachers finding them to be deeply intellectual, powerfully effective as teachers and spiritually wise in matters of faith, morals and religion. I had been raised as a Catechism Catholic using the instruction system of fixed questions, answers and precepts. The fundamentals committed to memory. My Jesuit instructors took all that and explained/taught the science, philosophy and spiritual basis. They taught us to “learn and think”.

Typical Tourist … We headed for Bourbon Street and the French Quarter and Saint Louis Cathedral

This was a favorite of ours … the Musical Legends Park.

The above Church is the Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church ,,, a beautiful downtown Catholic Church sporting a 24 Karat Gold plated altar and pews made of sculpted Moorish Cast Iron.

Casino Time … in our world of today, with a casino seemingly in every city, we did find time to spin a few wheels in Harrah’s New Orleans and Beau Rivage Biloxi, In addition we enjoyed a beach lunch venue and the captivating Dance of the Sea Gulls.

This was a wonderful road trip … time to be together, time to reminisce, time to recharge, time to eat too much and even time to enjoy the art of walking ,,, yes, walking, especially through an interesting, historic city like New Orleans. I commented to Patti when we first hit the road … my car was balking as I pointed it South. I wasn’t even sure the Navigation System would work in any direction other than West. It did … the trip was awesome … We loved it!! ……………………. now it’s time to head West!

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