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It all started rather innocently in December 2010 …

Here’s the story. Three friends … JC, Bryan and I were backpacking and camping along the beautiful Richland Creek in North Central Arkansas. It was the last night on the trail, dinner and adult beverages were consumed, the campfire was a bed of coals and we were thinking warm sleeping bags. As random as this might seem JC announced that his wife had given him three glow lights … clearly we had to do something with them. Looking around we spotted a scraggly Cedar tree overlooking Richland Creek, activated the glow lights, hung them on the tree and The Annual Charlie Brown Christmas in the Ozarks Tradition began.

IMG_7492 Founders: Jim, JC, Bryan Year two

By Year four our numbers had increased and we were forced to locate a larger camp site. In addition, a new Charlie Brown tree was Christened.

DSC03161 Charlie Brown Tree 2013

Charlie Brown Year 5 happened this weekend.

Our group continues to capture the imagination of many and a hardy few actually put on a pack, a Santa Hat, help decorate the tree and enjoy this unique way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and the awesome beauty of the Richland Creek Wilderness area.

First we made a short hike to the original Charlie Brown Tree

DSC00113 Notice the red bow placed there in 2010

We had eleven brave souls participate this year along with scores of well wishers … some even promising to consider next year.
All I can say is “you will love it”.

Whenever I get to this point in my blog entry, I figure I’ve said enough and pictures tell the story. Included below are a couple of shots of Richland Creek, the decorating, the campsite and other memorable moments. I hope you will enjoy … and consider joining us next time.

DSC00126 House size boulders, Turquoise Water

DSC00120 Santa’s Helpers

DSC00146 Serious Business

DSC00150 Daryl is proud of his work.

DSC00101 JC makes a pretty cool Santa.

DSC00156 All of Charlie Brown’s Helpers.

Above left to right … back row DJ, Bryan, JC, Charlie’s Tree, Daryl, Daniel, Jim, Randy. Bottom row Morgan, Napoleon, Eileen, Jeff, John holding another Charlie Brown Tree.

DSC00169 The end of a perfect day.

DSC00171 DJ and Morgan … is it time to go home?

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