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Historic Hoga is Here …

Lately I’ve been fascinated with WWII history. Well, yesterday, WWII history came to North Little Rock Arkansas in the form of a small tugboat that was right in the middle of the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Not only was the Hoga there but she was actively involved: fighting fires, firing at Japanese Zeros bombing and strafing plus towing wounded American ships to shallow water to avoid sinking.
The Navy Hoga now joins the USS Razorback Submarine as part of the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum on the banks of the Arkansas River in North Little Rock.
Of note is the fact that the Razorback was in Tokyo Bay for the surrender signing … the Hoga was in Pearl Harbor the day the war began. BOOKENDS TO WWII.


Hoga in North Little Rock


Hoga under the Bridges


Hoga near downtown


Hoga on Arkansas River


Mayor Hays and John Gill

Credit for bringing the Hoga to Arkansas goes to a host of folks that worked for over 10 years, but I must make mention of my good friend, former Mayor Pat Hays who had the vision for the Maritime Museum and worked tirelessly to bring the Razorback and the Hoga to Arkansas. Many refer to him as “Admiral”. THANK YOU ADMIRAL!!


Commissioners Dailey and Gill

I also wish to acknowledge my friend and fellow Commissioner of the Arkansas Parks and Tourism Commission, John Gill. In the closing days of the trip to North Little Rock … Commissioner Gill literally took on the role of “Maritime Lawyer” averting a potential loss of the Hoga over Maritime Law. THANK YOU JOHN!!

Finally, I want to thank Kelley in our office at Flake & Kelley, for several of the pictures from the 35th floor of our building in downtown Little Rock. From that vantage point we saw the little tug arrive. Then, of course I had to go across the river and set foot on this incredible piece of history. WE ALL WELCOME THE HOGA !!!

PS: It is truly worth the time to visit the Inland Museum. Well Done North Little Rock.

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As People of Paris hurt, we hurt too …

Arkansas State Capitol

We stand united

When I took this picture last week, I was immediately struck by the awesome beauty of the sky and also by the powerful symbol of our Democracy … the Arkansas State Capitol.

As I follow the brutal attacks on innocent people in Paris, I am reminded once again of those who wish to destroy the fundamental foundation of our Democracy, liberty and our freedom of religion.

In his poem “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”, John Donne assails us to acknowledge that everyman is a piece of the continent and the death of anyone diminishes us for we are all part of “the main”… mankind. As I have seen on TV, Newsprint and Facebook today, people across the world exemplify this spirit standing unified in support of families and friends of those killed or injured. Likewise, I sense a renewed resolve to stand together with France and our allies to defeat these radical forces.

My personal editorial comment is how important it is for us to never forget 9-11 or the attack on Paris. Typically we humans, forget in a few days and move on … in this case we cannot, must not move on until these evil forces are eradicated.

Fifty State Capitol buildings along with our National Capitol building stand as symbols … may they also stand as monuments to our passion and resolve to protect our freedoms and liberty as One Nation Under God.

Symbol of Democracy

Symbol of Democracy

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