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Family is a Dailey Job …

The first time I ran for political office, I used a slogan … Being a City Council Member is a Dailey Job. This double entendre, played off my name,”Dailey”and the need to be on the job “daily”, Well, family is a daily job too and sometimes I take that for granted. Sure I show up for birthdays (we are celebrating our Granddaughter, Morgan’s birthday this evening). However, I’m not sure I/we fully embrace the significance and power of this family bond … so this year we did something about it. At the suggestion of son in law, John, we rented a six bedroom log house in Breckenridge, Colorado for Patti and me, our four adult children and their spouses. It was a heart warming, fun filled, reinvigoration of love and the true spirit of Family.

Even though this was “adults only” we loved having Colorado resident , our niece Grace, her husband, Luke and their beautiful three children come by for a few hours. Grace and Luke have climbed all the Colorado 14er’s and their three little one’s aren’t far behind.
We go to Colorado in the fall for the beautiful Aspen color. This year we saw some of the traditional shimmering golden leaves but, more importantly, we witnessed first hand the golden spirit and strength of family … Dailey/daily Family

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