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It was with mixed emotions we embarked on our annual guys trip … I believe it was our 44th. We returned to Scottsdale to the same beautiful home we’ve rented for the last decade. Our group has gotten smaller due to the health of several, the reduced interest of a couple and now, the tragic heart attack and loss of our friend John. Before covering this year’s events, I’ve chosen to walk down the SST Memory Lane with special attention to the spirit, love, humor, wisdom and friendship of this rare unique individual God shared with us for the past four decades. He will always be remembered!

Kay and John

SST … otherwise known as Stanley Ski Team, primarily had it’s roots with a business group of non competing company and professional leaders. Holding weekly breakfasts and frequent open houses, we grew as friends and started having lunch together once a week and going on an annual skiing trip. Now, in our Senior years, we seek adventures in warmer climates … predominately, Scottsdale, Arizona. We mix our activities with golf, hiking, solving the world’s issues and continuing to strengthen our amazing brotherhood bond.

Here is a gallery of some pictures taken through the years.

Now … on to the happenings of 2022

We missed John, talked about him often. However, just like the shadow photo above, he was with us every step of the way.

As in the past few years, I drove my car … Loyd and Bill were with me. We traded driving, traded political opinions and sometimes got off the main roads to see sights of interest. Of particular note to Loyd and Bill was a visit to Montezuma’s Castle. a 700 year old Cliff dwelling near Camp Verde. Arizona. Then on to Scottsdale for four days where we met Renie and Bart.

Montezuma’s Castle

Return Trip … Las Cruces to Elk City to Little Rock.

On the return, Bill and I visited the Roadrunner Sculpture near Las Cruces, had a great dinner in the historic town of Mesilla, drove and walked White Sands National Monument (The missile range was closed), made a short Casino stop and continued our drive home. We thank God for our time together and our safe return.

In closing, I have this thought … Our group is getting old. In spite of this and the loss of one of our most committed brothers, I choose gratefulness over grief. We have been blessed as a group with a unique bond. For this I thank each SST member and especially thank God for all we have shared.


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