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So, what’s the big deal about the chronological number “80” as it relates to my birthday tomorrow? 80 is not such a big number anymore … 80 degree temperature in Little Rock today is a good low number; 80 MPH is getting to be a comfortable number on main highways; 80 dollar motel rooms are bargains. So what is the big deal about 80?

Well, I’m alive … A Big deal! I feel many years younger Big deal too. I am able to do the things I like to do … travel with Patti, hike National Parks with my buddies, Daryl, Bryan and JC and host the annual Charlie Brown Christmas Campout with DJ, Jeff, John, Eileen, Bryan, Daryl, JC and Renie … Big Deal to Charlie Brown and to me! Continue a 43 year, once a week, lunch tradition with friends Don, Bill, Loyd, Renie, Presley, Tim, Dudley, Bart and “John” … Unheard of Big deal! Walk the streets and steps of Eureka Springs each Labor Day with our super intellectual friends, Nancy and Steve … Cultural enrichment Big deal! Frequent pilgrimages to Branson plus shared family memories with Gwen and JC. Priceless Big deal! After work glass of wine with my soul brother, Bruce … LR Big deal! That I can still drive, get out for awhile, go to the office … thank you,Hank … yes, it is a Huge Deal! Be thankful for my two amazing sisters Kathy and Stephanie, their husbands Ray and Hank, our role model Parents, Ellen and Dalton, our Catholic Education and our instilled work ethic … Growing up Dailey big Deal!

But, The Biggest Big deal of All … My immediate Family: My wife,Patti, four children: Laura, Donna, DJ, Jeff, their spouses: Mark, John, Joy, Eileen. Our grandchildren Katherine, Ashley, Leslie, Michael, Ryn, Morgan … Superlative of superlatives Big, Big Deal!!

Above … one of the few times we can get Patti and I, Laura, Donna, DJ and Jeff plus Eileen, John, Mark, Joy … Ryn, Michael, Ashley, Leslie, Katherine, Morgan in one photo.

In the above photo … of note, My dad was in the Navy. Our son DJ served in the Navy as well. I was Army.

43 years of weekly lunch, annual ski trip or golf trip, countless martinis, fine dining and breakfast fruit salad. Most of all, a friendship bond unequaled. John, in white shirt is now in Heaven watching over us but still with us… Spiritual BIG DEAL!!

10 years of Charlie Brown Christmas Campout … We will do it again this year … another BIG DEAL!

Icould easily go on and on. I’ll merely say for now … I have been blessed to not only live for 80 short years but to have had the family and friends God blessed me with. I cannot imaging anything better. God willing, I look forward to a few more years doing more of what I have been doing. I also, look forward to more travels with the most wonderful wife of 57 years. I treasure my friends and family and thank you for the blessings with which you shower me each day. You are in my thoughts and prayers each and every day. Jim

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