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Total Solar Eclipse


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Total Solar Eclipse… Morrilton, Arkansas

In August 2017, my wife and I drove to Tennessee to witness and photograph our first ever total solar eclipse. Across the nation, millions of people did the same. The above photo is one I took with a 200 mm lens. Solar filters and glasses are needed all but during the total eclipse. Below are a couple of other shots I took before the total.

partial eclipse August 21, 2017 note sunspots middle left.

This is one of the most amazing natural events of my life. I have always enjoyed astronomy and plan to be front and center in Morrilton for the longest duration total eclipse in Arkansas … four minutes and 18 seconds.

As far as I am concerned, Morrilton is “THE PLACE TO BE !!” It will be fun, lots to do, lots to eat, places to stay, camp or RV and witness the most sensational solar event of your life. See you in Morrilton.

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As I click through photos from this, our 42nd year guys trip, I find my thoughts reverting to past trips together. It all started with three business associate friends electing to take a ski trip to Colorado. Upon return, a lunch meeting was held, several more friends invited and a lifelong tradition began … ski trip once a year and lunch once a week. SST has been our moniker … Stanley Ski Team

The above photo of this year’s six SST attendees was taken in Scottsdale, Az.

A few years ago we updated our venue from the Colorado mountains to sunny Arizona. Consequently SST should possibly stand for “Stanley Sunshine Team”… certainly beats “Stanley Seniors Team.”

We filled our days with Golf, Top Golf …. most of all, lots of fellowship resolving political, social, world and life issues. Conclusion, we have lived thru the “BEST OF TIMES IN AMERICA”

Loyd and Bill

JC and I made this a road trip with stops at small historic sites, amazing natural attractions and the indescribable Carlsbad Caverns.

Carlsbad Caverns

While I was in college, I was a tour guide at Bull Shoals Caverns in Northern Arkansas. In fact, a couple of my classmates at the University of Arkansas and I frequently hit the back roads near Fayetteville exploring caves. Bull Shoals Caverns was and still is a tourist destination … but nothing like Carlsbad. This cavern is massive to the extent I now know the visual definition of CAVERNOUS! Definitely worth seeing … and almost amazing as it is to see, the cost of admission is a whopping $1.00. Yes, $1.00 !!

Recycled Roadrunner Sculpture in Las Cruces, NM
Littlest Skyscraper in the World … Wichita Falls, Tx
Basilica of St. Albino … Mesilla, NM
Holbrook, Az. … Prisioner Wall Art in the Historic Jail and Courthouse Museum

As I alluded to above, I truly believe this group, self named SST, has possibly lived thru the best of times in America. Unfortunately, I am concerned with the current US and World dissension … internally and externally, politically and economically, ethically and spiritually, socially and selfishly. However, I do know one thing, our country will survive just as it has in the past. It will survive because fundamentally it is a nation of caring people that believes we must work together … in our families, in our businesses, in our cities and states and in our world.

Good individuals and good groups like our SST family will continue to provide the example, the foundation and the will to ABIDE BY THE DO RIGHT RULE. (a quote from former Arkansas Coach Lou Holtz)

Personally, so much of who I am today is because of my SST FAMILY. Thank you. Jim

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