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A number of our 52 Arkansas State Parks have Top Notch Chefs and Fine dining …  

I was lucky enough to be one of the judges in the top chef competition. For some three hours I and three other judges were treated to a veritable gastronomical bacchanalia as teams of Chefs, Sous chefs and support members prepared and presented new menu items for each respective state park.  It was not only a treat to sample … sometimes sample and sample and sample … it was a honor to witness the passion, creativity and teamwork of our incredible State Parks Staff.

Below are some of the photos I took while watching the teams fastidiously go about this timed task with speed, precision and class.  All the teams were winners in my book and on my palate …but, by a very close vote,  Ozark Folk Center State Park took home the trophy.

As an Arkansas State Parks and Tourism Commissioner for four years, I continue to be amazed and proud of the love and dedication each and every Department employee demonstrates as they serve visitors from all around the world.  All too often, citizens categorize government employees as lazy and wasteful.  This is an unfortunate and in most cases unfair label. I can personally assure supporters and detractors alike…. we are getting a full measure “plus” from the staff of Arkansas Parks and Tourism.

Besides , you might just be surprised when you get a meal in a State Park that will be hard to beat in a Five Star Restaurant.

God Bless our Staff … and Bon Appetite !!

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