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Anyone who has traveled with me during the past 5 or 6 years knows that around 3:00 each afternoon, there is a mandatory stop at McDonalds … partly because McDonalds is America’s restroom but more importantly because I must have my Carmel Sundae and a Senior coffee.  Also, my first dip of ice cream goes in the coffee to cool it a bit and create my own frothy vanilla ice cream/coffee latte.  WOW!IMG_7754

The story doesn’t end there! Not by a long shot!

For the past two years I have been Arkansas Tourism Director.  Naturally I did a bunch of traveling around our beautiful state.  By the way, Arkansas is called The Natural State for good reason … the beautiful Ozarks, our lakes, rivers and streams, etc.  Anyway, each afternoon somewhere around 2 or 3:00 we would find a McDonalds and take a break.  Just looking at the picture above makes my mouth water.

On with the story … what does a Tourism Staff give to a retiring Tourism Director? Of course … McDonalds Gift Cards.


Believe me … I could not have been more surprised or excited! What a special gift!

The beauty of this to me personally, was the creative thought and presentation that went into the gift.  Plus each member of my Tourism team wrote a note personalizing the gift even more.  And now …  each time I stop at McDonalds, I will read a note, think of the one who wrote it and have a big smile as I enjoy my Carmel Sundae and Senior Coffee Ice cream Latte.

ADPT Staff Portrait 2018 Mount Magazine DSC_5723ps

      Arkansas Tourism Staff … THE FACES OF ARKANSAS TOURISM … thank you!!


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                 January 1, 2020 … Lake Ouachita … Hot Springs, Arkansas

It was one of those absolutely perfect mornings for a hike at Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa near Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Mountain Harbor is one of the finest places in Arkansas to “get away” for a few days with family or friends.  For the past four or five years Patti and I have been doing just that … getting away over New Years with our life long friends, Gwen and JC.  Each morning, JC and I … plus his dog, Herkie, wake up early and hike 2-3 miles.  I took the above photo on New Years Day 2020 … what a special moment to welcome the new decade!


           Bill, Merle, JC, Gwen, Patti, Jim celebrate the season and friendship

Not only are Patti and I thankful for friends of nearly half a century, but also slightly newer friends like Bill (Mountain Harbor Owner) and Merle.  Bill and I served on the Arkansas State Parks Recreation and Tourism Commission together for a number of years.  Mountain Harbor Resort is truly one of the great Arkansas Tourism destinations.

                        Garvan Woodland Botanical Gardens, Hot Springs, Arkansas

While in the Hot Springs area we visited Garvan Gardens to experience one of the most spectacular Christmas Light displays in Arkansas.  A stroll (or golf cart ride) thru this amazing lighting extravaganza is a “must see” that rivals any I have seen in theme parks from Disney to Silver Dollar City.  Just as I touted Mountain Harbor as a tourist destination, I classify Garvan Gardens as a Tourism Attraction Destination.

Also of note, don’t miss seeing the Tulips at Garvan Gardens in the Spring.

                                                            TULIP TEASER Photos !!  

More information on Mountain Harbor and Garvan Gardens,  check them out online.



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