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The First Designated National River in the United States:

At slightly more than 150 miles long, The Buffalo National River is one of the most beautiful, scenic and free flowing rivers in the nation. It is one of the most stunning natural treasures to see with its towering limestone bluffs and one of the most fun filled National Parks with its canoeing, rafting, horse back riding, camping, hiking … and just plain old sight seeing.

This weekend my buddies and I hiked to the catwalk of Big Bluff overlooking the River.

It was a little warm, making the hike pretty tough … especially the three miles “uphill”. Even though the entire area was packed with people, most of them were out in canoes, enjoying the river. In fact, as seen from above, one might compare the river traffic to holiday Interstate vehicle traffic. Below are a few pictures of Big Bluff and the Buffalo River as seen from several hundred feet above.
Big Bluff


Canoe traffic

Bif Smile

lunch time

Twin falls … sometimes called Triple Falls:

Triple 14



A Wonderful Place to stay after a tough, hot hike:

Thanks so much to a special friend for allowing us to have a comfortable place to stay for the night. Check out the view from the deck … wow!!! And, even though the owner calls it a “cabin” … you decide for yourself. Regardless, a Big Thank You to Mr. Dunn.

The view




I said it was warm … even the snakes were out.

Green Snake

A perfect night for star gazing:

Orion the Hunter

I forget how beautiful our night sky is … what a perfect way to end the day after a hike and dinner at the 1909 Ozark Cafe on the square in Jasper Arkansas.

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