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Family Christmas 2021

Hard to beat a family Christmas gathering …

December 2020 our family and most of our friends were following Covid protocols and avoiding all indoor gatherings. The most bizarre memory I have … picture this … Patti and I standing with masks on at our open garage door – daughter Laura, her husband Mark and four children drive up, remain in the car, gifts are exchanged thru open windows, a few warm Christmas wishes are made and they drive away. Better than nothing but far from normal.

Fortunately, this year, all vaccinated and boosted, we came together for an evening inside with food, gifts, family bonding and even a little Single Malt Scotch tasting. Michael treated us to “Oh Holy Night” on his new guitar, while the rest of us smiled, laughed, sang and simply “had fun”.

Obviously we are concerned with the next Covid mutation … but for one night we came together … OH HOLY NIGHT!


Ok … so, some of these photos are from Christmas Past. I’m still working with this WordPress program and ended up with some vacant slots in the gallery. Had to fill them … why not with a few memories of younger years and My Mom Ellen as well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe!

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Charlie Brown Campout 2021

Once again, my two sons and three “crazy as I am friends” headed for the majestic limestone bluffs and crystal clear free flowing Buffalo National River near historic Jasper, Arkansas to celebrate Christmas in the Ozarks … Charlie Brown Style. The weekend started cloudy with powerful Friday night winds. (this was also the tragic night deadly tornadoes ripped thru Arkansas and Kentucky) Fortunately our tents held together and we awakened to a crisp sunny saturday … whereupon, wiith our Charlie Brown tree, Santa Hats and the Kyle’s Landing bluff line background we staged this official photo.

Because of the lives lost and the unbelievable devastation along the tornado path, I hesitated to post anything that seemed to “celebrate”. However, I decided to proceed and ask my few blog followers to send a few dollars to the American Red Cross. This is one way we can participate in the rebuilding and healing of those who have lost so much. I think Charlie Brown would agree.

Blessing to you and your loved ones during this Holiday Season!

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