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First Stop … Santa Fe.

Patti and I, once again, enjoyed a leisurely road trip with several memorable stops along the way to Buena Vista. More about that later.

We always relish a little pause in the State Capitol of New Mexico. There’s something new every time we visit Santa Fe. Of course, we had dinner in the historic La Fonda Hotel and made the obligatory rounds of the Plaza where, this time, there was an antique auto show. We spent most of our time at the fast growing Railyard Artisan Market. I love their mission … providing the local artisan community a venue where they can sell their products. Many of these artists might have little chance of displaying on the square or Canyon Rd … The Railyard is a perfect place to get introduced to the public. Looks like it’s working!

Next Stop … another favorite place of ours … Las Vegas, New Mexico.

This small city is fast becoming a player in the destination tourism business. We have been coming through Las Vegas for years … most times to pass thru or merely stop for the night. One time we stayed in the beautiful historic Plaza Hotel on the square and last year we serendipitously happened on the SKILLET RESTAURANT. The couple pictured below (photo credit santafe.com) is the owner/founder, Isaac and Shawna. There story is pretty amazing. For example,if you look carefully above the entryway of their building, you can see the giant 3 foot iron skillet that started it all. Isaac has his art/sculpture studio next door … his creativity is obvious … both inside and outside.. Besides, the food is good too … our burgers were as good or better than any we have eaten anywhere.

This little city is definitely a place to visit … history, retail, business, etc. etc. While you are there, don’t miss The Skittle!


8000′ elevation, citizen population 3000, daytime population probably at least double that … most importantly … LOCATION … Roaring Arkansas River on the East side and 14.000′ Collegiate Peaks on the West side. For spellbinding beauty and thrilling outdoor recreation, there’s not a place in Colorado any better. And now, in addition to all these natural features, Buena Vista has become a city reinventing itself with new and modern housing, an entire South Main river community development, coffee bars, every day and fine dining restaurants, etc. Next time we will stay longer.

I think we’ve had a love affair with Buena Vista for years but based on short visits in the past. This time we had four days allowing us plenty of time to relax, explore and experience that “At Home” feeing in this beautiful community. Oh … did I mention … the morning temps ranged all the way from 40-44 degrees.

Not a bad City Park
Crave … our favorite restaurant in BV

I’ll finish up by saying this was another beautiful time for Patti and me to rest and enjoy time together. Our focus was Buena Vista. However, we did make it to Salida for lunch on the river and then Sopaipillas in Leadville at Casa Blanca … once again open Post Covid. We always learn something interesting while driving thru small towns … Did you know that Syracuse, Kansas in 1887 became the first city in the USA to have an ALL-FEMALE city council? The things you learn on the Blue Highways!

Check out the slide show below as well. SAFE TRAVELS! Jimd

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Loyola Followup …

In my last blog posting I wrote about a visit to New Orleans Loyola University Campus where I attended my first two years of College. What I failed to mention, or had forgotten or possibly never knew was the significance of the name to me personally. Obviously it had meaning because I went to school there. More than that is my connection to its root history … accidentally stumbled on yesterday. I was looking at my photo of the main building and a question popped into my head … Was there a Saint Loyola? A quick google search reminded me that there was not a Saint Loyola, but there is a Saint Ignatius of Loyola. He was one of the founders of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Priest Oder) and became the first Superior General of the Society in 1541. And, on top of that, his feast day is July 31 … my birthday. Talk about synchronicity … or, is it more than that?

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, SJ

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