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Ozark Cafe in Jasper, Arkansas

In my most recent post, I failed to mention one of the essential components of a successful campout on the Buffalo River. This iconic 100 year old cafe on the square in Jasper, Arkansas is a “must experience if you are in this area of the Natural State. Sometimes we stop for lunch before heading to the river … sometimes we have breakfast on our way home from camping … sometimes we do both.

Daryl and Jim enjoying coffee before lunch at Ozark Cafe ….. a must stop for sure!!

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For the past 10 or more years a group of us has blocked our calendars for a Super Bowl weekend camping trip. We hit the trail on Friday and head home Sunday morning for the big game. That’s just what we did … unfortunately, for my Chiefs friends, the best part of the weekend was the campout.

Yes … I am a huge Tom Brady fan!!

As in the past few years, we returned to Arkansas’ Buffalo River … the first federally declared National River. Friday, our first day, was a crisp beautiful picture perfect day to set up tents, build a camp fire and enjoy the beauty of the calico bluffs along the 135 miles of this free flowing undammed natural treasure. The following pictures represent DAY ONE.

Saturday morning breakfast of eggs, bacon and dutch oven biscuits

Now Day Two … with weather prediction of 20’s or below plus rain with wind it took all of about 10 seconds to accept the offer from a local friend to spend Saturday night at his mountain retreat. WISE DECISION !!

These next photos spell it out in pictures …. cold, beautiful wet snow. A Winter Wonderland for certain. Amazing how much more enjoyable from inside rather than outside in a tent.

Our new CAMPSITE on top of Mt. Sherman
Our host and his Martin Guitar … thank you Don.

In the past, I have written about traditions and their importance to the fabric of our lives. The sharing of adventures with friends, the camaraderie created telling stories and tall tales around the campfire become the memories that bind us for a lifetime. Be it family traditions, friendship traditions or a SUPER BOWL CAMPOUT TRADITION our lives are enhanced.

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Several months ago, my camping buddies decided to search for a camping site in the Ouachita Mountains West of Little Rock. Unfortunately we were not the only outdoor enthusiast to have the same idea. We were about to give up when one of the guys suggested we go to his farm … less than an hour away. The rest is history and an unforgettable camping night. Just take a look at the pictures … again, ARKANSAS THE NATURAL STATE.

Nothing like a night in our beautiful Arkansas … the Natural State!

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Fancy carving was done by Master CarversSpencer and JC

Hiker Admirer Crew
Then there were the Breakfast Chefs and their Epicurean Culinary Milestones …

Finally … what could be better than a perfect Fall Weekend with best friends, amazing food and the beauty of Arkansas the Natural State!

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For years we have celebrated a Charlie Brown Christmas by decorating a tree in the wilderness of the Arkansas’ Ozarks

This year we embarked on a traditional fall camping trip … Kyle’s Landing near Jasper, Arkansas on the Buffalo National River (America’s first National River.)

Campsite at Kyle’s Landing
Big surprise … Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin appears

With nine friends, a beautiful weekend, too much food, a little hiking and artistic pumpkin carving, the first ever Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin annual campout serendipitously and spontaneously occured … Life is Good!

What a beautiful place to be!

In closing, please allow me to speak to traditions … most notably, traditions with family and friends. My personal friend examples include: weekly lunch and annual guys trip (for over forty years), annual hiking trip to a National Park with three other guys, annual Charlie Brown Christmas camping/backpacking trip … and, now THE CHARLIE BROWN GREAT PUMPKIN IN THE OZARKS … camping adventure.

Finally, an apology. This post is not complete because I ran out of media space for all the pictures I wished to show such as night time shots around the campfire with the candle lit pumpkins in the background. I have upgraded my account so hopefully I can edit once the upgrade is in place. In addition, WordPress has a new format and I am still learning. Ouch!

Thank you for viewing and thank you for your patience!

Yours in blog world … myLastpairofboots@wordpress.com

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I’ve always loved science and astronomy … from the time I was a kid saving my quarters to buy a mail order telescope.  Admittedly it wasn’t much … a couple of sliding cardboard tubes and simple glass lenses.  I remember, even then, reading about the 1911 Halley’s Comet hoping to be alive for the 1986 return.  Well, I was alive and just like the telescope, even though I saw it, it wasn’t nearly as impressive as I had envisioned.

Since then, I’ve seen partial solar eclipses, one total solar eclipse,  several total and partial lunar eclipses, many meteor showers … including one Leonid when I got the kids up at 2:00 AM and it was the wrong night for the peak.  Needless to say … I do love this stuff.

Last Saturday night was another celestial highlight … Comet NEOWISE.  My wife, my baby sister … who eats this stuff up too … and my brother in law set out to see the comet starting at one of the highest points in Little Rock.  Unfortunately, the sky was hazy and the city lights were too much.  However, I did get a couple of respectable evening sky shots of the horizon with Pinnacle Mountain in the foreground.DSC02947

Around 8:45 we made the decision to get in the car and drive out West beyond the city lights.  When we pulled over and got out of the car, I glanced to the NW and … yes, there it was … even with the naked eye.  We were all mesmerized … my sister, almost giddy.  Well, I am certainly no night sky photographer but here are a couple of shots  I took with a 200mm lens mounted on a tripod.



NEOWISE VS. 2017 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.  No doubt …. NEOWISE was one of most awesome celestial  events I have ever seen but I must still give the nod to my favorite …  The August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  To make that even more special, it was our 51st wedding anniversary.  How can anything top that?   The eclipse is featured in a 2017 blog but I simply had to include a couple of my photos from that day.



I will wrap up by saying to everyone … get away from the city lights, look up and Be Awestruck … It’s a spiritual experience. What a magnificent Cathedral.

Here’s a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Think me not unkind or rude … that I walk alone in grove and glen … I go to the God of the wood … to fetch his word to men.


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Covid19 … Colorado 2020

After months of isolation we decided it was time to take a road trip to Santa Fe and Frisco, Co. with our dear friends.  It “was” different … fewer people, many places closed and thankfully a majority of people respecting the Covid protocols of face masks and social distancing.


I’ll not show pictures taken in Santa Fe because I’ve posted most of the high interest spots in previous blogs.  However, I do want to show a photo of our lodging in Santa Fe. Pictured above is one of the units of a small B&B … Pueblo Bonito … just a short walk from downtown. I have no problem recommending this historic adobe option. In lieu of all guest gathering, breakfast was brought to the refrigerator in our rooms …  fresh fruit, tamales, yogurt and coffee.

On to Frisco, Colorado .., lunch stop in Antonito


In the past we have simply blinked and driven right through this little town of 781.  This time we were hungry and an outdoor (albeit on the highway) restaurant was perfect.  Excellent service and food at Das Hermanas.  Plus, directly across the highway. was this wall mural pictured above.  It was painted by F.F. Haberlein and dedicated to the people of Antonitio.  One never knows what surprises reward a slower pace.


Frisco is almost like a second home.   

We have been vacationing in Frisco for years and have toured the West extensively … but there’s a special feeling and atmosphere in Frisco that keeps bringing us back.  Maybe it’s the cool mountain air at 9100 feet.  Maybe it’s the little shops and restaurants.  Maybe it’s the biking and hiking trails. Maybe it’s the refreshing power of roaring rivers and snow capped peaks … it’s all these and more.  However, with Covid19, our 2020 return was a bit different!


In addition to signs like this and most people “actually” wearing face masks, Frisco Main Street was closed.  The photo below shows how this closure transformed Main Street into a “people place” … a place for more social distancing, a place for restaurants to add additional outside seating and a place for bikers, walkers and shoppers to comfortably share the space.


We spent more time eating in and embracing outdoor activities … having picnics, Jeeping 4WD roads and having fun creekside.IMG_2893DSC02880


We covered a lot of territory on Jeep roads but the most fun was on Mayflower Gulch.  I have hiked it several times but this was a ball in a 4WD Jeep.





Of course, the Photo Op on Loveland Pass at the Continental Divide.


Picnic and fun Creekside …

I cannot express how enjoyable it was to have a picnic along the Snake River or the Ten Mile Creek.  And to make it even more enjoyable …  our wives brought bubble making tubes.  What fun, what a treat, what a way to share time with friends.



The new normal ….



New Snow on Mount Arkansas near Leadville.   Arkansas River starts here!


I think this shot “says it all!” 

If you would like the Vimeo slide show … click here.

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I guess I’m looking for contemplative moments maybe even solace to help me get my arms around the two major issues of our nation and world today … COVID-19 and RACISM.  With the senseless murder of a black man … GEORGE FLOYD … by a Minneapolis policeman, we are once again reminded there is still a long way to go before achieving equal treatment and justice for all.  Both issues are health issues … both are sicknesses …  both can be deadly … both weaken our economy … both clearly point out our human weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  The irony is this … with the will to do so … BOTH CAN BE SOLVED.  

Included in the photo above is our beautiful natural world.  Within this photo we see  commerce and government.  We see history … the Arkansas Territorial Restoration in the front, the Arkansas State Capitol against the far skyline.  We see where people live and work and we see where people play.  But we often fail to …“see the people.”

On the state level, our Governor, Asa  Hutchinson, does see the people.  He has been an amazing leader both with COVID-19 and with the George Floyd killing protests.  He has been open, transparent, available and he listens.  Thank you Governor.

On the local level, our first directly elected African American Mayor, Frank Scott, has shown understanding, compassion and selfless leadership and … he listens.  Thank you Mayor.

Clearly, it takes leadership but equally important is the role of each citizen … if nothing else … TURN OUT AND VOTE!  your collective voice can make Little Rock a beautiful picture for all.


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I was on my morning walk at the old Little Rock City Golf Course … War Memorial. As I passed a hedgerow, I noticed thorny bushes with colorful berries … Arkansas Wild Blackberries …WOW !!! Right here in the city!

Of course, I stopped … taste tested … and picked a few that will top my cereal tomorrow morning.

What a serendipitous find … no doubt I shall pass this way again.

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Amazing afternoon and night …

Amazing as it was … it was a bit warm and a little humid.  However this did not dampen out spirits nor our enjoyment of one more night of camping in ARKANSAS THE NATURAL STATE.  And yes, that’s a battery powered fan next to my coffee cup.  Felt pretty good for the first couple of hours in my tent.

Lepidopterist I am not … but that did not stop me from thoroughly relishing the site of this colorful adornment to our camp area.


Out of state visitors often comment about the trees and the “green” of Arkansas.  The Ouachita National Forest is one of the most naturally beautiful areas in the state … actual mountains, heavy forest and pristine streams and creeks. A great place to hike, camp and refresh.

What a way to socially distance during Covid 19 Pandemic.  YES!!!




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