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For Over 40 Years Knott’s Has Been On My Breakfast Table …

I know this may seem a bit silly … featuring a jelly/preserves on my blog.  However, when one considers the history of my relationship with Knott’s, it becomes more understandable.

 I guess it actually began more than 40 years ago on a family vacation to California when my parents took us kids to The Actual Knott’s Berry Farm. Though the memory is vague I do recall a small village setting, a farm, some kiddie rides and lots of fruit stands.  I’m certain we bought fruit … don’t remember any jelly purchases.  This was probably in the Fifties.

Now Flash forward to the Seventies … Somewhere on a grocery shelf or in a restaurant or as a gift … in any event, somewhere or somehow Knott’s Berry Farm Wild Blackberry Preserves ended up on my table, on my toast, in my mouth and then into my personal history of favorites.  Was then … still is!!!

Within the past decade or so, with ownership changes and business decisions by large corporations, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find any flavor of Knott’s Berry on grocery shelves and virtually impossible to find Blackberry.  In order to survive, my wife and I and friends would buy any and all bottles that happened to appear on random grocery shelves. Folks it was getting to a crisis point … even to the point of buying other brands. What to do?  Well my wife solved a household meltdown when she located Knott’s Online Marketplace … Now we order in case lots. Life is good once again.

I must mention one slight regret.  Before the sale of the company to the big boys, Knott’s Farm offered “Wild” Blackberry Preserves … now it’s just “Blackberry” Preserves.  None the less … I’m still smiling.



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